Devora Mason

I am what I am

My name is Devora Mason and I am an interior designer living in the Jerusalem area.

From a very young age I realized that I was born to decorate. Rearranging furniture was a regular past-time for me and whenever I walk into a room, my mind starts to work overtime. I think of all of the possibilities and layouts that would make the space beautiful. I rely on many of my favorite designers for guidance but I also rely on my favorite creator, God, to inspire me. The palette of a setting sun or a beautiful landscape is what really helps me to reach my design goals.

In Toronto, Canada, I studied at George Brown College and then when I moved to Israel, I expanded my knowledge at Michlelet Design, in Jerusalem. I have experience working on large and small budget design and landscaping projects. Nothing is too big or too small! I care about customer satisfaction and integrity, above all else. I supervise every detail of the construction so that my customers are satisfied. I represent my clients and their best interests every step of the way.

• Are you making Aliyah or do you live abroad and you need someone to supervise and design your renovation from start to finish?
• Are you looking to re-paint your home? I will help you choose a color scheme that suits your taste and style as well as picking the right paint materials
• Do you want to redo your garden or mirpeset? Are you looking to build a pergola, patio, do landscaping, gardening, and buy outdoor furniture and many other things that will make your outdoor areas enjoyable and gorgeous?
• Are you having trouble choosing furnishings, window treatments, and lighting to complete your house so that you can call it a home?
• Do you want to redo your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, or just completely start your home from scratch?

The construction/renovation process is completed under my attentive supervision. I ensure that the finished job is up to American standards! The decision making process is a joint one without you being burdened with the unpleasant areas associated with construction. I listen very carefully to my clients needs and I knowingly advise them on their purchases so that they love each item they own!

Do not buy the wrong size, the wrong quality or un-suited materials when you select your furnishings. Let me give you the style and guidance you need to live in your home happily for many years to come.


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