Running the Marathon of life


Eitan Davis: one of three organ donors this weekend (picture courtesy of his family)

While I was busy running the 10K in the Jerusalem marathon this Friday and feeling utterly invinceable, 11 people were running the marathon of life when they received notice that they would be getting the organ donations they were so eagerly waiting for,  as Airel Noy put it so wisely in his online article on Walla:

The list of organs is extensive and were all given selflessly by three families in order to give 11 people a chance to live. Two of the donors and a third by the name of Eitan Davis died over the weekend due to unforeseen circumstances and their families helped donate their loved one’s organs so that others could go on living. The organ recipients ranging in age from 6-59 years old were given a new lease on life so that they can continue to love and be loved. The donors will continue their legacy in this world even upon their passing.

 I cannot stress enough how important I feel this move is in our country where we can help others to live. Let’s renew our lease on life and be proactive.

I am filling out my card here:

I hope you will too. Once you have submitted it you will get a card in the mail that you should proceed to carry on you always.

Watch this video, it is very moving all about religious families who have chosen life even when facing death:


One comment on “Running the Marathon of life

  1. TheDuck says:

    One very important point is that the card in and of itself has no legal authority and your family should know this and consent to the card’s existence…
    It is wise to leave a will, EVEN if you are young!!!, and to state your doner request in it. THIS has the legal power.
    May YOU not need any of this and may we all just be holders of a card….

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