Returning to the basics of Purim

Mishloach Manot

Mishloach Ma-NOT!!!!!

No one needs to impress me, dazzle me, think of me or spend time with me. I am a woman and I am alone.

This really hit home for me this week when I received 1 Mishloach Manot (kudos Last family). Truthfully, I hate the waste that comes with Purim and I dislike the high-school level popularity contest that it represents. When i used to be in the state of coupledom I would receive so many Mishloach Manot that our table was filled to overflowing. And yet, I am content with my status quo.

I came to the realization that i have good friends who may not live close to where I live but are always there for me, I have family whom I love and kids who are the best company.  We had a good time with costumes and delivering Mishloach Manot to the kid’s friends. I felt relieved to make it through Purim without too much financial or emotional strain and my parents shared my seudah with me. I have returned to the basics of Purim.

Now who else can say the same?


5 comments on “Returning to the basics of Purim

  1. Devorah says:

    I could not agree more. Seeing my kids count who they got from and be sad if so-and-so didn’t bring to them…I explained there is no mitzvah to give the MOST shaloch manos. The mitzvah is in giving. TWO. The whole purpose is defeated when it becomes like you said a popularity contest.
    It’s hard for kids to understand at this age…but they will, just like we now do 😉

    • devoramason says:

      That’s right Dev. And now that I saved money and energy on unnecessary expenses I can go shopping and eat french fries with Tania!!! WEEE! Oh wait, did I miss the point???

  2. Deena says:

    Love it. I am so happy we spoke about Purim a few weeks before – when you said that you hate Purim. But really it was that we hate what Purim has become. And I loved Purim this year because I made it my own. 🙂 It was chill, fun. No ridiculous mishloach manot…

    I’m happy for you that you enjoyed!

  3. joel weiss says:

    Kov Hakavod for your post. Purim has become an egotistic popularity contest. Purim sucks. Your a strong woman. Us men can learn from you.

  4. devoramason says:

    I would just like to note that David and Dena Mann sent me a Mishloach Manot through the community organized effort and although i never received it, I now must admit that I received two!

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