The ten second interview with myself

I had a need to review my likes and dislikes this morning so I decided to do it in the form of an interview with myself. (In case you haven’t noticed, I am a little bit crazy). Okay, here goes!

Interviewer: So Devora, how are you doing today?

Devora: S.O.S., different day

Interviewer: Glad to hear it. I am going to ask you some questions and you will have ten seconds to answer each one. Are you ready?

Devora: Go for it.

Interviewer: Okay here goes: What’s your favorite colour?

Devora: Blue for design, black for clothes

Interviewer: Favorite singer?

Devora: Susanne Vega or Billy Joel, they’re both up there

Interviewer: Favorite Band?

Devora: hmmm, pearl jam, U2, The doors, Pink Floyd, The beatles, Mamas and The Papas? I don’t really know Next!

Interviewer: Favorite food?

Devora: Sushi

Interviewer: Favorite alcoholic drink?

Devora: Single malt scotch or a white russian.

Interviewer: What exercise do you do the most?

Devora: jogging and walking

Interviewer: Any other forms of exercise you enjoy?

Devora: Yoga

Interviewer: If you could meet anyone at all in the history of the world who would you choose?

Devora: Ernest Hemingway, Tuvia Bielski or Moshe Rabbeinu. I guess it depends on who is available at the time. Maybe we could all hang out together.

Interviewer: What would you ask them?

Devora: Hemingway I would want to know about what it was like to be in Spain and watch the bull fights. Tuvia i would ask him what it was that made him develop such an intense feeling of responsibility towards saving Jews. And Moshe, I want to know how he could love a nation so deeply that made his life so difficult over and over again. Then we would all have a L’Chaim.

Interviewer: What makes you suffer?

Devora: Itchy tags in my clothing, the smell of the pork in the Schneider factory in Kitchener, humidity, cheesy foods, silence, gossip and badly dressed women.

Interviewer: Aren’t you late for the bris this morning?

Devora: *@$#&! Gotta go!


2 comments on “The ten second interview with myself

  1. Deena says:

    🙂 haha

    fyi, I thought it would be an actual 10-second video interview with yourself. That should be next. 🙂

  2. devoramason says:

    You were supposed to think that! That was the whole twist. Ha ha. But I will definitely try to interview myself in person next. Okay?

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