What a Nightmare!

I just couldn’t believe how much money I owed! There was this guy who once cleaned my car, not even upholstery cleaning, just garbage removal and some exterior washing who kept chasing me to pay him 940 shekels for the job. Then there was this time I stayed in a hotel and they said they would send me the bill in the mail and the bill was totally exaggerated but I couldn’t prove it because it was a few weeks ago! And the guy at the grocery store is after me to pay 5000 shekels for the overly enormous shopping I did one time.
And then, thank the Lord, I woke up!
That’s what I get for sleeping 11.5 hours last night. Ha ha.


3 comments on “What a Nightmare!

  1. nati says:

    מזל שהבוקר הגיע!
    אשמח שנצא להליכה ביחד

  2. Tsipora says:

    sounds so familiar!!! glad it was a dream!

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