My Personal Challenge

I won’t lie.

My life is one constant battle with the reflection I see in the mirror. It is a very subjective battle since what i like is not always what other people like. Not everyone has always appreciated my funky shoes, my shiny purses and my bright red nail polish.

I have plenty of critics around me. It keeps me in line. I can always be sure that someone will pull my skirt out of my underwear before I venture out in public. These critics are usually very loving and caring like my grandmother, my husband and my bus driver friend. I am way more critical of myself then they are.

There is one main street in the city I live in. The drivers all recognize the man who runs 12 km every day, the people who use ski poles to increase their expenditure of energy, the couple who walks holding hands.

We, the people on the sidewalk, are on the other side. We recognize every car and driver that frequents these roads. I know exactly what sound every engine makes when approaching me from behind (btw, never buy a renault megane, it is a loud stinkin’ gas guzzler). I have almost been hit by cars. I have tripped on the cracked sidewalks. I have avoided doggy poop at award winning speeds. I have dodged the claws of tractors and forklifts. I have salvaged water by calling the emergency numbers when I see pipes that are broken and leaking. I have picked up garbage and returned lost keys. I have waved and nodded, saluted, and peace-signed numerous people.

I have recently started to train for the Chai Lifeline Marathon which is being held in Miami, Florida at the end of January. For me it started as a daily walk with my new-born baby in the carriage. It was a way to be active and to get out. I would walk to the corner, get a coffee, some groceries and then head home. I could barely make it up the hill to my home.

Now, 7 months later, I run up that hill at the end of a 45 minute jog. I am fighting a battle to physically prepare myself for the 13- something miles I will try to run in January. I am also challenging myself by trying to raise the money needed to enter myself into the runners group. This is an unbelievable chance for me to heal my body and at the same time to heal my soul by giving to others.

But now my real work begins. Getting sponsored.

Check out my profile and support me and chai lifeline in our quest to help others.

Devora Mason’s Chai Lifeline profile


5 comments on “My Personal Challenge

  1. Elana Aptowitzer says:

    Wow Devora! I am so inpired! What an amazing woman. Don’t count me among your critics…I’m definitely a fan!
    I’m always in awe of people who run marathons…and 13 miles…well, that’s just insane!
    Go you! We’re rooting for you up here in the Great White North!
    Elana, Adam & Mia

  2. Eli says:

    You have come such a long way since you began working out. Keep it up, not to mention you look fantastic!
    May Hashem bless you in your endevours for this wonderful cause, spiritually, physically and financially( by getting sponsors).

  3. Deena says:

    Dev, great blog post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about all these pretty personal topics. I hope lots of people give lots of money to your cause! I considered joining you for like two seconds but I think I’ll just bum around at home instead. בהצלחה!!!

  4. Tania says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  5. Yosef says:

    Rock on! Keep on running and raise lots of money. It really is a great cause!

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